Nov 292007

The bi-fold doors can be manufactured in all most any custom size.

Standard sizes are 1 3/8″ or 1 3/4″ Thick , 79″ 83″,90″ & 95″ Tall  ( Custom can be from 24″ up to 96″ Tall ).

The standard widths (opening) 24″, 30″, 32″, 36″, 48″, 60″, & 72″.


  66 Responses to “What sizes can bi-fold doors be made ?”

  1. I need a 66 x 20 in. Wood Louvered Bi-Fold Door. Can you give me a quote for this?

  2. i need a 48″ by 24″ wide bifold door, price? available?

  3. I need oak bifold french divided glass for an opening size of 48 inches x 90 inches. That would be 4 door panels that are each 12 inches. Availability and price?

  4. Can get a price for a bifold glass door. Clear opening is 28″x90″

  5. Hi, looking for closet bi fold doors in the size of 95″ x 55″ wide. Do you have any sources?

  6. i need a bi-fold the size is 54 1/2 x 82

  7. how much for bifold doors for a 48 x 96 opening

    2 doors 24 x 96 per closet

    about 6 sets

    shipped to michigan

    and pictures, hardware info, tracks.?

    send details

  8. hi
    looking for bifold doors.
    Opening (90″ x 60″)
    please give me a quote
    need two of those…

  9. Could you find me a doors solid core flush 4 panel bi-fold doors opening at the center.
    Dimensions H=82″; L= 103″

  10. i need a 46 1/2 inch long by 19 1/2 inch wide bi fold door for my boat how much would it be to make it?


  11. We need a bi-fold closet door measuring 84″ wide x 96″ high.

    Can you give me a quote?

  12. I need bi-fold doors to fill a finished opening that is 54″ wide and 80″ high. Looks like a standard 79″ height but can I custom order a width?

  13. Can you please give me a quote for Bi-fold louver doors in white. I need two sets measuring 94″ x 30.” Thank you!

  14. im looking for bifold doors to fit a 43 inch finished opening standard 80 inch height .. (raised six panel) white solid core or hollow, a price for both would be great.. thanks.. currently have (two 21 inch bifold doors, dont know where they came from but there broke on the hinges due to crap quality hollow core doors..

  15. We are looking for a set of bi-fold doors to fill a 96″ wide closet opening. Is this possible or must we use sliders?


  16. Hi i need to know the price for bi fold closet doors
    Height 80″
    Width 30″
    Shipped to North Carolina


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