Nov 292007

The bi-fold doors can be manufactured in all most any custom size.

Standard sizes are 1 3/8″ or 1 3/4″ Thick , 79″ 83″,90″ & 95″ TallĀ  ( Custom can be from 24″ up to 96″ Tall ).

The standard widths (opening) 24″, 30″, 32″, 36″, 48″, 60″, & 72″.


  36 Responses to “What sizes can bi-fold doors be made ?”

  1. I need bi-fold doors to fill a finished opening that is 54″ wide and 80″ high. Looks like a standard 79″ height but can I custom order a width?

  2. I need pricing for an interior kitchen bifold door 42 inches wide opening

  3. I need bi-fold doors to fill a finished opening of 56″ wide. I would like a
    price and style available. Thankn you.

  4. I have an opening that is 79 inches high and 66 1/2 wide. Actually it is just a fraction less than that. I am interested in a price for raised panel bifold doors to fit this opening. Thank you, Janie Marks

  5. Can I get 1-3/8″ thick 79″ H bifolder for 42″ opening? What would it cost? I need two of these to cover 84″ opening.

  6. I need a custom width also. Does Home Depot or Lowe’s do this?

  7. I am looking for 89 inches(height) with 24″ 36″ and 48″(opening) bifold 6 panel doors.

  8. Can you order bi-fold metal opening size 48 by 89?

  9. I need two bi-fold doors that measure 78″ tall and 19″ wide for my linen
    closets. Do any one know where I can purchase them?

  10. I need two bi-fold doors that measure 78″ tall and 19″ wide a long with the hard ware for my linen closets. Do any one know where I can purchase them?

  11. I want to purchase ONE 48 inch bifold door. Not a set of 2 24 inch doors. Is this possible?

  12. We are looking for bi-fold closet doors 89″ high & 36″ wide. Thank you!

  13. Please can you provide a price for bifold doors to fit a closet with the dimensions 965mm wide & 2280 high.

  14. I’m looking for tow bi-fold closet doors 71″ tall with the standar 24″ wide to cover and opening of 48″ wide. Please can you provide us with a price..??

  15. Please can you provide a price for bifold doors to fit 55′ wide and 33′ high?

  16. need a price for a 95×36″ raised panel wood
    to open from left to right , with slats top half panels lower half

  17. I need a replacement bi-fold door. The existing door size is 33 1/2″ x 79 1/2′. Can you provide a replacement and at what cost? Would like a raised panel with slats at the top opening

  18. I need bi-fold doors to fit a pantry with a 46 inch opening and 72 inches hih.. Where can I get them?

  19. I need bi-fold doors to fit a space 2060mm wide by 1650 high. with obscure glass.
    Can you help?

  20. Can I get unfinished, ready to paint, raised panel bifold doors with 8 raised panels? (basic 4 sq. across & down) I have seen a set on the show Flipping Out, but can’t find them, Help!! Thanx, Joey

  21. I have a closet opening of 89×94. Can I get doors to fit. I presently have two 48 x 89 doors which are falling apart and are sliding doors.

  22. What is the price for two primed bifold six panel doors with hardware for the opening dimensions 58 3/4 and from 1/2″ off carpet to header 82″. What about shipping or do you have a store in Denver area?

  23. I need a set of 4 bifold doors to fit my finished opening of 76-1/16H X 70-15-16W for my rec room in the basement. Looking for inexpensive solution. Where can I get them?

  24. I am looking for bifold doors for an opening that is nearly 96 inches high and nearly 68 inches wide. Can you help?

  25. I’m looking to install a 72(H) X 24(W) folding door. Where I can purchase such a door? (I’ve been looking online but found only 80″ (H) so far

  26. I’m looking for a bi-fold wood door that would fit a 84″ finished openning. I have a Murphy bed to let down an don’t think the 72″ opening will do.

  27. I’m looking for pricing on a bi-fold wooden door that would fit 96″ tall closet. Thank you!

  28. I have an odd closet and need a half louvered half panel bi-fold that would fit a 33 5/16 x 80 3/4 opening which I think would be 80 x 33 1/8 finshing on door. I imagin I will either have to cut to width a 34 or have on custom made. I have searched web mare than and hour and am striking out.HELP

  29. Need 2 doors to fit a closet opening 79″ x47″. Dor I need to get a regular door and have it cut to fit?

  30. I need a double bi-fold door setup for a standard 35″ x 79″ opening. Is this possible?

  31. I need bifold doors to fit a 34″ finished opening. What is the best way to go about this. Thanks

  32. 2 ea 36 x 90 bifold doors how much are they, with hardware?

  33. please help! our construction guy made the opening to our closets 34.5 inches, framing them at 36″instead of fitting doors of 36″. i am searching for 34″-35″ doors and 79″ tall wood louvered.
    I am near palm springs area and d-e-s-p-a-r-a-t-e after 4 years of curtians~!

  34. I need a set of doors that would fit in a opening 38″x78″ can you help

  35. Our closet measures 46 3/4″ wide by 73″ tall. Do you have doors that would fit this, and can you please quote me? Thanks!

  36. I need bifolds to fit in a 84″ opening. This is for a hud building so i might need many.Thanks

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