Nov 292007

The bi-fold doors can be manufactured in all most any custom size. Standard sizes are 1 3/8″ or 1 3/4″ Thick , 79″ 83″,90″ & 95″ Tall  ( Custom can be from 24″ up to 96″ Tall ). The standard widths (opening) 24″, 30″, 32″, 36″, 48″, 60″, & 72″.

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  1. need replacement doors at 95″ tall by 59″wide can you help?

  2. need 6 panel hollow core bi-fold closet door. size 45×79. for odd size closet opening. cant change rough opening. if can help contact us at email. need info asap.

  3. Where can I buy 2 sets of 36″bifold doors that are 76″ high finished opening

  4. I am trying to replace my old bi-fold closet doors; the opening is 81″ high by 81″ wide. All I’ve seen so far is a max. of 72″ wide. What now ?

  5. I need a bi-fold closet door 36″ wide by 90″ high.

  6. I need a louvered (either full or half) bi-fold doors for an opening 60 1/2″ -61 1/2″ wide by approx. 71 1/2″ tall. My house is older and the basement does not have enough height, plus there is duct work above.

  7. Can I get a Bi-fold door made in a 26″ width

  8. I’m trying to replace sliding doors on a closet with bi-folds the opening is 94″H x 46.5″W what are my options?

  9. Laundry area – currently have set of bifold doors to cover 60 “w x 79″h opening. When doors are open, opening is reduced to 50″. Would like to increase opening to 66″ so that when doors are open, the width will be a minimum of 56 ” so as to accommodate new W & D which sit on pedestal with pull out drawers, which could not pull out if left as is. What are my options?

  10. I need to replace pool pump house doors made in 2007 from 2 15″X39″ louvered C Pine shutters. The local (Miami, Florida) lumber store no longer stocks as manufacturer has discontinued. Any suggestions?

  11. looking for a pair of bifold doors w/hardware to fit a 84″W x 80″H finished opening. Standard height but having trouble finding anything made 42″ wide. Not looking for anything fancy…either 6 panel molded/primed or flush style that I can paint.

  12. Builder created an odd-size opening for our K closet – 80.5″ H x 58″ W. The width is the problem, obviously. We’ve had cut-down stock doors falling off their tracks for years. Where can we get pine or fir, custom-fitted bi-fold doors, louver over panel, plus hardware? Pre-painted white would be perfect. Baltimore area. Thanks.

  13. looking for a pair of primed bifold panel doors, opening is 81″ high x 87.5″ wide. Width is the issue.

  14. Where can I find a bifold closet door that is 36″ wide by 72.5″ high?

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